New Project, New Clip

New Project

Starting with this week’s update, I’m modifying the site’s appearance by making download links more prominent.  They will now have a light blue background matching the site’s header color.  I saw a similar effect on another WordPress theme and liked it so much that I decided to modify mine.  It will also improve navigation when scrolling through clip categories.

New Clip

New this week is a clip from the following:

Strangling: Fear, Inc

Merry Christmas!

2016 really sucked.  Thankfully, the new year is only a week away.  I’ve decided to take advantage of it by posting more frequent clip updates.  Starting the first week in January, I’ve got clips from 11 titles that I’ll be posting through March while I acquire more.

New for December are clips from the following:

Strangling: Followed Home
Strangling: Laughing Mask, The
Drowning: OA, The S01E06: “Forking Paths”

The following title has been upgraded to 720 HD WMV:

Hanging / Stranging: Killer Movie

Clip Upgrades

The following titles have been upgraded to 720 HD WMV.  I should note that, upon posting my original MPEG many years ago, I had the wrong episode number listed for Smallville.  It was S04E12: “Pariah”, not S04E11: “Unsafe”.  I didn’t realize it until I upgraded the clip, have corrected my mistake, and apologize for any inconvenience it might have caused.

Hanging: Open House (1987)
Suffocation: Pushing Daisies S01E01: “Pie-Lette”
Drowning: Smallville S01E10: “Shimmer”
Suffocation: Smallville S04E12: “Pariah”
Drowning: Smallvile S04E13: “Recruit”
Strangling: Smallville S05E07: “Splinter”
Drowning: Smallville S05E19: “Mercy”
Drowning: Smallville S06E04: “Arrow”
Stranging: Smallville S08E08: “Bloodline”
Suffocation: Smallville S08E15: “Infamous”
Hanging: Smallville S10E108: “Abandoned”

That’s everything I’ve upgraded this month.  New clips coming soon.

Clip Upgrades, Evangeline von Winter

Clip Upgrades

The following titles have been upgraded to 720 HD WMV:

Drowning: 666 Park Avenue S01E13: “Lazarus: Part 1”
Suffocation: Alias S03E09: “Conscious”
Drowning: Alias S04E02: “Authorized Personnel Only”
Hanging: Copycat
Strangling: Crossing Jordan S02E13: “Strangled”
Strangling: Dresden Files, The S01E08: “Storm Front”
Strangling: Frightening, The
Strangling / Suffocation: Girl House
Hanging: Heathers

Evangeline von Winter

In August, I wrote that a fetish producer named Evangeline von Winter had joined a crowd-funding service called Patreon.  I just watched this month’s video, After Death Damsel.  It was not good.

I understand fetish producers work with shoe-string budgets.  I’ve never expected Oscar-worthy performances or production values.  What I do expect is value for my money.  I’ve paid full price for videos by other producers ($15-30 per video) numerous times over the years, and got what I paid for.  I also financed two customs for several hundred dollars each, and got what I paid for, and I’m planning on more.  I’ve been pledging $1/month to Eve for fantasy death fetish videos since August, and she has failed to deliver good quality videos for three months now.

The problem lies mostly in the performances.  I have seen minimal effort on anyone’s part in committing to the roles they’re playing, and the death scenes are incredibly weak.  Everyone looks more like friends hanging out on a lazy afternoon, awkwardly playing adult fetish games.  I’ve also seen too many uncontrollable elements that would turn me off from paying full price for one of her videos, never mind supporting three.  Overall, her production quality is so poor that I feel like she should be paying us to watch this stuff, not the other way around.  As such, I’ve deleted both of my pledges for her chloroform and death fetish Patreons.

The Purpose of This Site, and My Promise to You

For the last 17 years, the title of this post has been the first thing new visitors see up entering the site.  In 2009, I started creating 3D art.  Since then, I’ve often questioned my interest in maintaining my video editing hobby, wondering how long I can, or want to keep doing it.  Every time I’ve encountered a seemingly unsolvable technical issue with my software, I’ve felt a sense of relief, and panic.  I’ve even had words with another webmaster about the inconsequential nature of what we do – I blame myself for that, and have apologized for my hypocrisy.  In truth, I still enjoy editing clips, I’m proud of what I’ve done with the site, and I thank you for your support.  I also prefer live-action video.  I just don’t have the means to start my own fetish production company.

Through all of my self-doubt and introspection, the one conclusion I have reached is this:  Whether editing copyrighted video clips, or creating my own art in 3D, I love sharing my fantasy asphyxia fetish with you, and will continue sharing it through any creative outlet I can.

Page Layout, New Clips Up with More on the Way, Gillian Anderson Asphyxiated

Page Layout

Titles for Library indices S – Z are done, and I am very happy to announce that the site is now completely mobile friendly.  I also found several titles I never did write-ups for, and will remedy that, soon.

New Clips

Two new clips are up, and one of them features a surprise that I know a few Gillian Anderson fans have been fantasizing about since The X-Files was canceled.  Check out The Fall.

Strangling: Boy, The
Drowning: Fall, The S03E04: “The Devil Within Him”

Several more new clips are on the way, and lots of upgrades.