Progress on Site Overhaul, Taking a Break from 3D Art

I’m currently working with a temporary WordPress installation elsewhere, and have made significant progress on the template for the site overhaul.  My plan is to close the site a little after midnight CST on August 1st, erase everything, and then launch the new version of the site sometime on August 2nd.  Suffice it to say, I am very excited.  :)

In other news, I’ve been watching a lot of Les Paul guitar videos on YouTube lately…. beautiful design… gorgeous sound… they’ve inspired me to learn how to play, so I’m buying an Epiphone Les Paul Special II and taking a break from 3D art to focus on music.  Cinemasphyxia and my 3D art board, Visions of Darkness, will remain my two primary responsibilities.

If you like Blues Rock, you’re gonna love this.  :)

My Favorite Scenes

Prior to starting my defunct Google Drive project, I deleted all but 100+ clips from my 800+ collection  on my local drive.  I’ve since re-downloaded the rest from my server in preparation for the overhaul.

A couple of people have asked me what my favorite scenes are.  One of them asked me to put myself in your shoes, and recommend a list of clips I would want to keep forever.  I’ve compiled a list of the titles I originally kept for myself and linked them to their clip pages in the Video Library.

My Favorite Scenes

Votes are In, Site Closing for Overhaul on 8/01/17

57 of you voted, 54 of you voted for an overhaul, so I’m going to do it.

You have until the end of July to download whatever you want.  On August 1st, I’m going to shut the site down, erase everything, and start over.  Meanwhile, I’ve removed the Forum, as it’s no longer useful, and discontinued the Google Drive project I wrote about.

Thank you all for your feedback, and continued support. I greatly appreciate it.

I Have an Idea…

… but it’s going to require a complete site overhaul, and the permanent removal of all 800+ clips.

I’m going to spend the rest of my life collecting asphyxia scenes from mainstream sources. My love for fantasy asphyxia is as natural to me as breathing. I want to keep sharing my collection with you, but Cinemasphyxia cannot remain online with its current level of content.

I recently started a new project that’s exclusive to members of two fantasy death fetish boards I frequent: Fetnoir, and FemmeFatalities.  I set up a Google Drive, and created a thread on each board that I’m using to share only my favorite scenes.  Because of the limited nature of Google’s cloud service, I’ve established very strict parameters for the project.  The most important one, as it relates to Cinemasphyxia, is storage.  Google Drive offers 15 GB of storage, but I’m not using it all.  Up to 10 clips are being made available for download at any given time.  So far, the project is working well.  Member feedback has been positive, and it’s given me an idea to keep Cinemasphyxia online.

I’m thinking of removing all of my clips and offering up to just 20 at a time through my hosting service.  There are a few pros and cons:

Pros: Obviously, the site will stay online.  It will also go full HD.  Since discontinuing clip updates, I’ve stopped using 720 HD WMV for my personal collection and switched to full 1080P HD MP4 using h.264 encoding.  My video editor produces enormous MP4’s, so I’ve also started using HandBrake for post-processing to minimize file sizes.  1080P is the best video quality I can offer, and what members of FN and FF are currently enjoying.  A new Request Log will also be added to the menu (I deleted the old one).

Cons: Clip updates will be permanently moved to a monthly posting schedule – the upshot is it will allow as many people as possible to download the latest clips.  As new clips are posted, the oldest ones will be deleted, and never re-posted.  There will be no deletion warnings, either.  Back when the site first launched, I had a similar setup.  The only difference was that I used to rotate four titles from the Video Library while posting one or two new clips along with them.  That was a pain in the ass to keep track of, and I’m never doing it again.

Folks, this is the only option available to save the site.  If I go through with it, I will discontinue my new Google Drive project, keep using Cinemasphyxia’s shared hosting plan, and create a new menu option called Now Playing.  The Video Library will be replaced with a database that offers nothing more than a resource to help you track down content yourself. 

Let me know what you think.  Since 2006, every clip I’ve edited has been available for download.  Would you support a restructuring?  Please vote, comment, or e-mail me.  I’ll have a decision by next Sunday.

Thank you.


Updates Discontinued, Site Closing Next Year

I pay $10/month for shared hosting with  Shared hosting means a provider serves pages for multiple web sites, each having its own domain name, from a single web server.  Most hosting companies provide shared hosting.  Although it’s a less expensive way to create and maintain a web presence, it’s usually not sufficient for web sites with high traffic, so they need a dedicated server (VPS) .

I run two sites with my hosting plan:  Cinemasphyxia, and my 3D art forum at Visions of Darkness.  VoD hit the ground running when I started it last June, and has become increasingly popular ever since.  I opened a ticket with Dreamhost about the VPS e-mail I got, and was told the combined traffic from both sites is what’s taxing their hardware and causing Cinemasphyxia to crash (Over 300 times in the last 30 days).   Thankfully, VoD’s traffic is comparatively light, so it’s not a concern, and likely never will be.  Since I can’t afford a VPS for Cinemasphyxia, they suggested I create another user and move either site to it, so I moved this one.

Dreamhost also told me Cinemasphyxia is unusually large for a shared hosting plan.  Unfortunately, there’s no way to know how long this solution will last before I get another notice.  As it keeps growing, that risk will increase.  Frankly, that’s not something I want to have to consider when posting clip updates, so I’ve decided to discontinue them now, and permanently close the site when the domain expires, next year.

It’s been one helluva ride, folks.  Lots of ups and downs.  I can’t thank you enough for your feedback and support.  I’ve learned about fantastic scenes I never knew existed, and still enjoy watching.  I’m sorry I was unable to fill all of the requests I’ve received over the years, but I hope you’ve enjoyed what I’ve posted.  There are only a few dozen clips in my collection that I have any interest in keeping.  I’m going to delete the rest after I close the site, so I strongly suggest backing up anything you’ve downloaded.

To reiterate, will be permanently closed on November 15, 2018.

Thank you, and enjoy.

Updates Suspended, Server-Side Issue May Cause Closure

Since 2004, this site has been fully hosted by  Yesterday, they contacted me about a server-side issue being caused by the site.  Apparently, it’s frequently reaching the technical capacity of their hardware.  When this happens, the site crashes and becomes briefly unavailable as they automatically restart it.  They’ve suggested a few options to resolve the matter:

  • Upgrade my hosting to a fully managed Virtual Private Server (VPS), effectively moving everything to one or more Solid State Drives (SSDs)
  • Optimize any web apps to be less resource-intensive
  • Take no action.  The site will continue running up against its hardware limits, but they’re ok with that if I am

Upgrading to a VPS is not an option for me.  * Plans start at 30 GB of storage for $165/year.  The site already exceeds the usage limit for that plan.  Based on current stats, their cheapest plan would cost $330/year for a 60 GB VPS that best suits the site’s immediate needs.  $660/year would future-proof it up to 120 GB.  Their top tier offers 240 GB for $1320/year.

I don’t run any site-related web apps outside of WordPress.  The only resource-intensive elements are the clips, and I am not going to start rotating them again.  That was a bygone headache that I do not miss.

I’ve decided not to take any action at this time, but I’m suspending clip updates until further notice.  I’ve also removed the Request Log from the menu, and the Clip Request and Clip Donation addresses from the Feedback page.

I have never, and will never charge for access to the site or any of its content.  Nor will I accept any donations to keep it running.  It has always been strictly a labor of love.  Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.  As excited as I am about my new video editor, and was optimistic about the site’s future, I’ve always kept an open mind about having to shut it down someday.  Until then, it is now a static archive.

The domain name expires on Noveber 15, 2018.  If circumstances haven’t changed by then, or worsen, the site will be permanently closed.

* April 14: I did some number-crunching and updated the information above.

New Video Editor, Jennifer Lawrence Drowns in Space

I’ve been using Pinnacle Studio Ultimate for over 10 years now.  Unfortunately, as new versions have come out in recent years, new bugs have found their way in.  Some of have been patched.  One particularly annoying bug, discovered in version 18, and which no one has been able to duplicate consistently enough for Pinnacle to fix, randomly crashes the app regardless of what stage of any project you’re on.  When Pinnacle released version 19 last year, I thought the problem might finally be solved, only to discover that support for the file type used by my video recording software had been removed, thus preventing me from editing clips.  Consequently, I’ve been relegated to version 18 and dealing with random crashes while Pinnacle continues releasing new versions.

My frustration came to a head this week when Pinnacle Studio crashed five times while I was trying to edit this week’s clip.  I thought, if my site is going to be a lifelong hobby, I have got to find better software.  After spending the last few days with a trial copy, I am very excited to write that I have.  Last night, I switched to Corel VideoStudio x10 Ultimate for $100, and it is fucking amazing!  The interface is so much more refined, and the editing functions are more visually intuitive.  I especially love its multi-trim editor.  My only minor criticism is that the default duration for transitions can’t be set to anything less than 1 second.  Thankfully, manual adjustments are a breeze.

It feels really great having a clean, well-designed, stable new editor.  I’m optimistic about the site’s future, and looking forward to keeping it updated for years to come.  Incidentally, I recently canceled my two-year old membership with Adobe Photoshop CC and switched to Corel PaintShop Pro x9 Ultimate for my 3D art, so it’s also nice having creative tools from the same brand supporting both of my hobbies.  :)

Passengers is my first edit using VideoStudio.  Enjoy!