More Clip Upgrades, New Categories

Re-purposing Cinemasphyxia to feature only scenes I like has proven the best decision I’ve made since moving to WordPress three years ago.  There is so much crap out there!  Now that I don’t give a damn about any of it, the site feels more like a beloved hobby again instead of a burdensome chore.  Eliminating any kind of regular posting schedule has been especially helpful because I no longer feel any stress about finding content.  My God, I wish I’d done this years ago!…

Clip Upgrades

I posted several more clip upgrades today.  Someone asked for more drownings.  I hope these will tide you over for now.  😉

Drowning: Absolute Deception
Strangling: Don’t Answer the Phone
Strangling: Friday the 13th: Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
Drowning: Halloween II (1981)
Drowning: Hunter S02E08: “Million Dollar Misunderstanding”
Strangling: Monk S02E09: “Mr. Monk and the 12th Man”
Strangling: Turbulence

New Categories

What the site lacks in quantity I like to think it makes up for in quality.  In my ongoing efforts to enhance your time here, I created several new categories:

Under Drowning, you will now find Bathtub, Jacuzzi, Pool, and Shower.

Under Strangling / Ligature, you will now find CordRopeStockingTourniquet, and Wire.

There’s also a new top category labeled Fetish Elements, under which you will find Foot Views, Heels, and Nudity.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Clip Upgrades, Sofia Boutella Strangled in Atomic Blonde

I upgraded a few titles this afternoon and they’re now back online.  If you downloaded my original edit of Ninja III way back in the day, you’ll want the new MP4.  It includes a scene that introduces the victims to add context to their demise.

Strangling: Boy, The
Strangling: Halloween (1978)
Strangling: Ninja III: The Domination

Atomic Blonde is finally available for rent, and I recorded Sofia’s death scene.

October Clip is Up, Screenshot Galleries Discontinued, Posting Schedule Modified

New for October is a clip from the following:



Since I’m building a new Video Library, I’ve discontinued the screenshot galleries to save time on clip updates.  Going forward, clip pages will feature one screenshot from each clip as a preview for anything you might want to download.  If you’re a longtime fan, you’re already familiar with the old layout.  That’s what I’m going back to.  I’ve already updated the clip pages for American Gothic and Blow Out.  I’m going to spend the rest of the month updating the other titles.


Instead of waiting a month between updates, I’m going to start posting clips whenever I edit something.  This way, if there’s a new title featuring any scenes I like, I’ll have them up that evening.  I might also go several weeks or more without editing anything.  As such, clip updates are going to be highly irregular, so I recommend subscribing to the Entries RSS feed. 

Clip Updates, Site Being Re-Purposed, Requests Discontinued, New Video Library


I’ve come up with a workaround for my new editing software’s technical issue and will post this month’s clip update tomorrow night.


The internet has changed by leaps and bounds since going public in 1994.  Thanks to inexpensive technology and the generosity of others, there is a wealth of mainstream fantasy asphyxia content all over the web, and I could not feel more relieved.  I’m certain video editing will remain a lifelong hobby for me, but I’m no longer interested trying to spotlight every scene I can get my hands on.  I’m tired of editing scenes that do nothing for me, and I’m especially tired of writing about them.  Going forward, Cinemasphyxia will only spotlight scenes that I like well enough to edit.  To that end, I’ve also discontinued clip requests and removed the Request Log.

With that in mind, you should know that I’ve spent my life cultivating my fetish since my early teens.  I’ve spent the last 20 years collecting related material, both mainstream and independently produced.  Suffice it to say, my tastes and preferences are quite specific now, and it takes more than a pretty actress to impress me.  What that means for you is that clip updates featuring new content will be few and far between as I upgrade previously featured content.


Since I’m re-purposing the site to feature only scenes I like, the amount of content available will be greatly reduced.  Considering how picky I am, I imagine it will take another 20 years to reach the capacity that prompted the site overhaul.  As such, I’ve decided to keep whatever I post online and build a new Video Library.  I’ve also removed the Now Playing page.

In keeping with the site’s new direction, I’ve removed four clips.

September’s Update, Malicious Login Attempts

I meant to have this month’s update posted last weekend, but I encountered technical issues with my editing software that I grew tired of trying to fix until this weekend.  Now, this month’s update is finally online.

In other news, my security add-on for WordPress has recorded nearly 170 malicious login attempts since last month’s revamp went live.  I’ve also received two e-mails from people asking for help with logging into the site, so I’ve got a message for both hackers and fans.

If you’re a fan, then I offer a friendly reminder that I discontinued the login process in 2014.  There is no members-only section anymore.  Conversely, the site will never have a video archive again.  The Login link you see on the bottom-right of the sidebar only serves as my gateway to the site’s Admin controls.

If you’re a hacker, then let me save you time and further effort.  I use banking-level passwords on every site I run or visit, and I never use the same password twice.  Even if you have a super-computer, it will take you at least a dozen quintrillion years to break into this site, so do yourself a favor and move on.

With that in mind, I hope you all enjoy the MP4 upgrade of Killer Movie!  🙂

A New Beginning

Hello, everyone! If you’re a fan, welcome back. If you’re new, please excuse the lack of content. I encountered site-crashing bandwidth issues with my hosting service last April, and just finished a complete site overhaul in order to save it. Regrettably, I had to permanently remove all 800+ clips.

The site is going to look and feel brand new for awhile.  I erased everything and am starting over with a fresh WordPress installation. Personally, I’m excited about having a clean slate. Here’s the list of changes:

  • If you had this page bookmarked and discovered your link was broken, here’s why: When I moved from HTML to WordPress in 2014, I was still requiring visitors register for access to this “Members” section of the site. I discontinued that practice soon afterward, but there was no fool-proof way to either rename the old /members/ sub-folder without breaking WordPress, or move the site to a new folder. Thanks to the overhaul, I was finally able to delete that relic of a bygone process.
  • The Video Library doesn’t exist anymore. Since most of my write-ups referenced the clips they linked to, I deleted them in favor of building a new database. Consequently, the new Scene Database will be empty until the first clip rotation.
  • Clips are now in full 1080P HD MP4 format using h.264 encoding. My video editor creates enormous MP4’s, so I also use Handbrake for post-processing to minimize file sizes. Unfortunately, Handbrake strips sub-title information from videos. Because of its technical limitations and the nature of what I do, any clips I post that feature characters speaking in a foreign language won’t have English subtitles.  Incidentally, this also means I won’t be adding the site’s 3-second long watermark to the beginning of my clips anymore.
  • I’ve re-purposed the Request Log.  I originally created it to publicly track all visitor requests.  Now, it will only list requests I’m unable to find or acquire in the hope that someone else might have a copy they would like to donate.
  • I’ve added a new menu option labeled Now Playing.  From now on, all clip updates – including old and new material – will be posted there.  It is the only page that will ever have any clips.
  • Though the Video Library no longer exists, all of my clips are on my local drive. Over time, I’m going to upgrade as many as I can, and post the upgrades on the Now Playing page. As they rotate off, their write-ups will be used to build the new Scene Database.
  • Since I can no longer keep my entire (growing) collection online, I’ve made two especially important changes:
    1) Clip updates are now on a permanent monthly posting schedule. This is to allow as many people as possible to download the latest clips before they rotate off.
    2) The new Scene Database will only serve as a guide to help you track down content yourself. Since it will never have any clips, I’m going to supplement my write-ups with galleries of up to 10 carefully selected screenshots per scene for every title. They should provide sufficient visual guidance in helping you decide whether a scene might be worth your time and effort.
  • I redesigned the Links page and removed all of the banners. I think it looks a lot better. Since I’m starting anew, I’ve decided to take an impartial approach to sharing my knowledge of the fantasy death fetish community with you and added many more fetish-related links, including two sites like Cinemasphyxia that I know have loads of content.

With that in mind, it’s taking longer than expected to create the pages for the first batch of clips.  For now, there are only two titles online, but the new layout will give you an idea of what kind of information you can expect to see for every clip update.  I have several more to add, and plan to have them all online by this weekend.

I would like to thank you all for your continued support, and apologize now for any inconvenience you might experience going forward.  Unfortunately, such is the price for free access.  Cinemasphyxia will always be strictly a labor of love that I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy every time you visit.