Request Log

Requests are welcome and invited, however, I’m unable to guarantee I’ll be able to fill them.  The titles below are requests I’m unable to find or acquire.  If you have a clip from any of them, and would like to donate it to the site, please e-mail it to this address, and be sure to include the title.  If there’s no title, I can’t use the clip.

DO NOT send requests for clips from independent fetish producers. They already produce the kind of material we want to see, and I strongly believe it’s important to protect the integrity of their work. As such, any clips from their videos will be made available solely at my discretion, and only after I have obtained written permission from them to do so. That being said, expect all of the material you see on this site to have been taken solely from mainstream sources.

Do you have a request? Send me an e-mail, and I’ll see if I can track it down.